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Cyberchondria – a partner to Hyperchondria!

The world wide web is a source of knowledge on every topic including medical information.


Interactive websites that help users self-diagnose, such as and, may shed some light on users symptoms.


However if there was ever an Internet Health warning it would be ‘caveat quaeror’ – let the searcher beware: the use of the web for self-diagnosis may increase anxiety in people, due to misinformation and or misinterpretation.


Let us introduce you to ‘Cyberchondria’ – a partner to Hypochondria. While there are many positive aspects to the availability of information on the internet, not having the 
correct information may lead to anxiety. Cyberchondria is defined by pschologists White and Horvitz as “the unfounded escalation of concerns about common symptomatology,based on the review of search results and literature on the web”.


Historically, health anxiety has been described as “fears and beliefs,based on interpretations, or perhaps more often, misinterpretations of bodily signs and symptoms as being indicative of a serious illness”


The Challenge for Pharma Companys?


In the digital realm, is to help alleviate anxiety for patients with regard to symptoms, conditions and/or a treatment area by providing unambiguous and helpful information to the public. One particular way that Pharma Co’s can help is by providing information support to HCP’s in their relationships with their patients.



The Digital Marketing Future: TFMA 2012

The Digital Marketing Future- A throbbing anatomy of pain or pleasure after Technology for Marketing and Advertising Show 2012 – London

Of all the Digital Marketing Shows between Ireland and the UK, it seems this one keeps getting busier. It blends key technology developers in the marketing space from the biggest including Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and this year O2 –hint as to where digital marketing is heading, but still includes all the niche players in the areas of email marketing, social media development and even the traditional direct marketing industry and premiums are represented.


Hence 4 ‘ shapers’ from the PromoZoo team were dispatched with skinny ties to bring back some nuggets of online marketing evolution that we can share with our client base. This year’s show was the busiest yet, with long queues for the Mobile Marketing presentations, the demo’s given on how to integrate social media marketing into your overall marketing strategy were understandably over- subscribed and email marketing is permeating every corner of the market, being so mobile device friendly.


Tough as it was to get in, this Irish Digital Marketing Agency has a few connections, and where it doesn’t, it has honed a few survival skills from the streets of Dublin around gaining access where lesser mortals may pull up short!

So to the Keynotes on Digital Marketing over both days both days:

First Google is ‘Developing a B2B Marketing vision in the digital world’- Google’s Richard Robinson delivered a very interesting angle to what goes on around procurement management tenders- believe it or not primary research involving search is not only carried out by the  procurement manager but by all the key management and influencers in the process. So just when the procurement manager has boxed off her reasons for going with the short list of company X or X, the quality manager pipes up with a white paper published via article marketing showing the key flaws of company X’s technology compared to Company Z…. or that the linked in profile of one candidate tells a more favourable tale of compatibility etc…so as now the PM finds herself a little bit less sure of the original approach….


So the big question is what does your online presence offer the procurement process researcher? Bearing in mind most of them have profiles on line themselves..have you ever considered a linked in strategy to your top influencers, a simple and easy video, an open review blog of your services, a social media campaign bringing in the softer brand elements or telling how successful your disaster recovery programme actually was when push came to shove….?


Day 2’s most interesting key note Tomorrow’s Digital Today was delivered by Yahoo-don’t hear too much about them in Ireland and that’s a shame because what Jon Myers -Director Account Management Yahoo- delivered was a very interesting insight into how the big search engines are working with the social media phenomenon to deliver a much more enriched ‘search’ service. Or really, the idea that you will choose the search service –Google, Yahoo, Bing etc, sign up with an account and then basically never want to leave that platform because of all the free apps and improved services they offer-it will be just easier to stay- and they are happy because there is lots of revenue where they live if they can keep the searcher….as someone very clever pointed out…if you are not paying for the service then you probably are the service…..


The future of digital media is actually mind bending for businesses, consumers and psychologists alike. You walk into a show like TFMA thinking ‘I have my finger reasonably on the pulse of this internet thing’ and you leave, with every part of your anatomy throbbing trying to work out if you are in pain or in fact having fun. If you haven’t already, Go Digital today-get yourself a decent website, an understandable-to-you digital marketing strategy, a social media network that is smart phone savvy and some original concept and creative and get going…and did I mention SEO…Video…blogging…Facebook (noticeable by their absence this year what’s going down??….Email Marketing, Affiliate marketing..M commerce a digital marketing agency today….;)


The big lesson from this year’s TFMA is around The Fusion of Social Media and Mobile Device Marketing in Ireland and the UK…and that’s what we will be going into some detail on next…after we work it out for ourselves!!!…stay tuned might take a while before the throbbing eases