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Video and Livestream Creative, Production and Management Systems


GET BROADCASTING is our unique digital multi-media product which enables your brand to share relevant, engaging content to your clients or colleagues on demand.


GET BROADCASTING includes full strategy development to help communicate all aspects of your brand using Video Marketing, TV, Livestream and Webinar formats to broadcast interactive content and serve it on demand.





At getbroadcasting we provide all types of businesses with tailored video marketing solutions.


Whether you need a TV commercial, an online promo, a product piece, some training material, a corporate video or a full solution including all of the above, we tell your stories in a unique way that will increase your client’s engagement and grow your business. As a one stop shop for all your productions, we take care of everything for you, from script writing to delivery and implementation.


Simply, tell us your goals and relax. Your message is in good hands.




Livestream broadcast has become a go to tool for promoting an event, communicating with co-workers across large distances, and broadcasting to the public at a fraction of the cost of traditional media. We provide a fully event managed livestream service to ensure that your webcast not only works, but looks and sounds crisp, and includes all the elements you require.


Get in touch to find out more about how getbroadcasting live streaming packages optimise production, audience pick up and retention for your event.






Scalability. Security. Accessibility. Analytics. Our proprietary platform has it all…


By collecting, managing and hosting your professional videos, the getbroadcasting proprietary clouded platform provides simple scalable command and control over your video management processes.


How much video will you want to store? With our proprietary platform you don’t need to worry about capacity. It is designed to scale up and down as much as you need. You’ll never run out of space in your account.


Who will be using the system on a day-to-day basis and how often will they need to use it? How easy is it to add and extract files from the system? Our platform allows you to add anyone to the team, whether they are inside your organisation or not. You can allow them upload files to your project or download too, either as individual files or as a whole volume of material.


Obviously, your video assets need to be safe and secure. We have invested heavily in security and connections to our platform are encrypted according to the latest standards.


Last but not least, our platform allows for full analytics to help measure results and keep improving your brand audience engagement.



Brand TV


Create continuous online branded broadcast strategies with BRAND TV.


Think short video news bulletins or brand announcements in place of the more traditional printed news letters or emailers.


BRAND TV is the idea of creating your own, continual channel of communication for your brand.


It is the strategic approach to communication using video content, much like having your own show, it is pre-planned with interviews, top tips, key event summaries, what’s new and what’s news for your audience.


Brand TV is about taking an approach to brand broadcasting that is long-term, by creating a content plan, we can create the perfect medium for you to engage your audience regularly, really building long term brand equity online.


Engage your audience, get broadcasting, get Brand TV.


Visit our get broadcasting website for more information.


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