Agri Aware

Agri Aware is an independent, charitable trust providing the general public with information and education on the importance of agriculture and food to the Irish economy.

We recently worked with them on a series of airport ads.

Having successfully implemented a nationwide media campaign in 2015, we were tasked to design a creative campaign for Dublin Airport that was to run for 6 weeks.

The purpose of the campaign was to raise awareness and understanding of the benefits of CAP (Common Agricultural Policy) amongst travellers both departing and arriving in Dublin Airport.

The Creative Campaign

The campaign was structured around the 6 main benefits of CAP to the Irish public – tourism, sustainability, rural development, traceability, agri-related jobs and export growth. A creative visual was developed for each. All creative fell under the ‘CAP: Your Passport to Good Food’ concept. Just as a passport is vital to get through an airport, CAP is a vital requirement for good food in Ireland. This was then rolled out in all Aerpods in Dublin airport, acquiring 10 seconds of every minute over the 6 weeks.

To create a stir on the day of the campaign launch, we designed bespoke Agri Aware branded passport holders that were handed out to passengers on the day. Following this, we developed creative for three large, landscape light-boxes in the airport to emphasis the vital relationship between the dairy industry and CAP. Using strong visual imagery of dairy farming in Ireland we created striking, eye catching landscape adverts.

This proved to be successful in helping bring Agri Aware and the digital ads to the attention of passengers in Dublin Airport.


We then brought the ‘Passport to Good Food’ campaign to the two biggest agriculture events of the year, the Tullamore Show and The Ploughing Championships. We designed and delivered over 24,000 CAP branded promotional items that we handed out to lucky punters on the day. Everything from t-shirts to colouring packs for children, all with the message of CAP and its purpose.

 The combination of both the airport ads and the promotional items given out at events allowed us to spread the CAP message in a creative, clear manner.