Agri Aware

Agri Aware is an independent, charitable trust providing the general public with information and education on the importance of agriculture and food to the Irish economy.

We were tasked with creating new original creative for a nationwide media campaign to raise awareness and understanding of the benefits of CAP (Common Agricultural Policy) amongst the general public. Specifically targeting urban audiences, the campaign required special emphasis on national farming events.

Full Creative Campaign with Media

We needed to create a strong creative visual to impact and catch the public’s attention. The ‘BAA’ (Be Agri Aware) concept was the result. This visual was then rolled out with nationwide media including billboards both in Northern Ireland and the ROI, Adshels and full page national newspaper print ads including The Belfast Telegraph, The Irish Times, Sunday Independent and The Irish Examiner.

Promotional collateral

To promote the campaign on the ground, we chose The National Ploughing Championships and The Tullamore Show, both key Agricultural Events that have gained huge popularity amongst urban audiences.

We designed, produced and delivered customised themed merchandise with the ‘BAA’ visual imagery. These included pens, t-shirts, mugs, umbrellas, and bags amongst other items.

The Results

Print ads viewed by…

Irish times: 76,194 (Daily Print Circulation)
Belfast Telegraph: 158,000 (Readers per week)
Sunday Independent: 213,546 (Daily Print Circulation)
The Examiner: 223,000 (Readers per day)

Maximum exposure was achieved using giveaway promotional items at key national events