Consilient Health

Consilient health, leaders in the market of Vitamin D medicines tasked us with the challenge of developing a paediatrics campaign for their Vitamin D product ‘Altavita’. This was a first for both Consilient and Promozoo, and with the backing and advice of Temple Street Children’s hospital we accepted our challenge.


Through initial concept brainstorms in the office and further presentations with the client, we developed the idea for ‘Planet Altavita’. A place where Vitamin D is abundant and is home to the characters Sonny and Suzi. We also developed the land in which they live and to add spice to the story created their mortal enemies the Blue Meanies. This would lead us to the story of the Blue Meanies stealing the Vitamin D from ‘Planet Altavita’ and Sonny and Suzi having to chase them across strange worlds in search of the vials of
Vitamin D.

We also developed a range of marketing materials to promote the campaign, including an informational tear off for the GP’s to provide to the patients with a dosing reward chart and stickers for the kids. Temple Street Children’s hospital also developed their own materials based on the current artwork.


When developing the concept, the new world and most importantly the characters, we also set the scene for a full-blown campaign, including website, puzzle books and even creating plans for a game. The campaign is currently in full swing, watch this space for further adventures of Sonny and Suzi.