Sudocrem Care & Protect

What was the campaign?

Sudocrem, the long established Irish brand, asked us to launch their new product Sudocrem Care & Protect while picking up additional brand recognition for the existing product Sudocrem Antiseptic Healing Cream.

What was the creative brief?

To create a launch campaign to introduce Sudocrem Care & Protect barrier ointment to the Irish market.


What was the Creative Concept?

Sudocrem by its nature has so many creative angles in Ireland, but a prime consideration for the campaign was the medical status of the product together with the latent master brand awareness already prevalent in the Irish market. So we created a number of ideas for testing.

From our market research and focus group feedback we tested various creative concepts to ensure that a clear and understandable message went out to the targeted audience. We even created a specific font for the campaign that was child like & playful and could lend itself to various executions.

The campaign roll out covered digital which included website takeovers, ads on key mum and baby websites, and a nationwide OOH/outdoor ad campaign which focused on key sites for maximum audience impact. We also built an integrated pharmacy window and on trade campaign that included team educational support materials all aimed at maximizing campaign engagement.