Vicks TEVA Pharmaceuticals


To create public awareness that this trusted family favourite brand was celebrating its 100th year. To increase instore presence within pharmacies and drive sales nationwide.


The creative concept for this Vicks campaign was to focus and reflect on the ‘100 years of Vicks’ anniversary. We developed a countertop unit for pharmacies, to house all 4 of Vicks renowned products thus supporting the sales representatives to sell them as a complete promotional unit, with accompanying promotional pieces including brochures and poster. Alongside these we rolled out ‘Pharmacy TV’ animated advertisements promoting ‘The product your family trusts’. The 30 second ads ran every 10 minutes on TV’s above the prescription counter in pharmacies nationwide.

The campaign was highly successful, with pharmacists nationwide choosing to take the countertop unit with additional products. The client was happy with the campaign’s results of increased product sales and brand awareness, opting to run it over 2 consecutive years, increasing the frequency on both Pharmacy TV and Pharmaseen TV.