WEEE Ireland

Full Creative Campaign

Our client asked for an original creative concept and strategy to build and encourage long term, nationwide engagement with recycling in Ireland. By creating the concept to exchange old CFL bulbs for planting bulbs, we developed ‘The Great Bulb Exchange’ campaign.

POS and Print

After creating the original concept, we then developed an exchange mechanism where this swap could physically take place. We designed a unique POS piece that was produced and distributed to leading national hardware retailers in Ireland. The public were invited to place their old used CFL bulbs into the bottom of the mechanism and take the same number of planting bulbs from the top free of charge. Along with the exchange mechanism we designed and produced a full suite of print collateral to compliment the campaign, including posters, safety leaflets and instore POS.

Digital Media

A key part of this campaign was the digital rollout. We designed and developed a campaign landing page with Store Locator where the public could find out more details about the campaign and see where their nearest participating store was located.


In tandem, we created a series of digital ads for the campaign using Facebook and Google as channels.

Traditional Media

To ensure the maximum exposure for the campaign, we scripted, recorded and produced in house a series of radio advertisements to run concurrently with the campaign rollout in stores. The ads were heard by over 2.2 million listeners nationwide over the duration of the campaign.

A suite of billboards and adshels were also designed to support the campaign and could be seen in key locations around the country.

The Results

After launch month, we had over…

Impressions on out of home ads (Billboards & Adshels)

Radio listeners

Digital impressions

National retailers involved in the campaign